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This is where you submit complaints: I order this and cannot get any response from the company either by email or phone. Please do not allow yourself to get caught up in this and if you do submit a compaint. I wish I had researched this in more carefully. I am not sure if I will get this, and I tried to cancel, no response.

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Washington, DC 20005-3404

Phone: (202)393-8000

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Review about: Gyro Bowl.

Gyro Bowl

Havelock, North Carolina 22 comments

I am disappointed with the product and the customer service from Gyro Bowl.The amount taken from my account was 3 times the product.

I emailed them at the address on their website and i got no response. I called the number and the recording for 33 days straight says "due to heavy call volume, we can not take your call right now" It does not give me a chance to leave a message. And above all the bowl does dump food out.

It does not do what it advertises.Please be careful when ordering from the website

Thank you



I ordered online through their website today.I wanted to make sure I got a receipt.

When going through the process of ordering...there is one page where you CLICK "NO THANKS" to additional order. When I pressed it darkened but nothing else happened, I pressed again and I saw in the corner of my eye, there are more offers you have to CLICK "NO THANKS". For a sec I thought there was going to be like no end, but it finally ended and forwarded me to the final page where I actually got order confirmed just the way I wanted it to. So...if anyone is ordering through the website, PLEASE LOOK OUT FOR WHAT I JUST DESCRIBED otherwise otherwise, WHEN YOU PRESS ONE TIME-"NO THANKS", AND CLICK THE "CONTINUE" BUTTON, YOU WILL HAVE MORE CHARGES.

Now, as for the phone orders, IF there is NO FRAUD by the company and their employees, I am GUESSING the employee rep didn't do their clicking right. And if fraud==the reason behind it is to get commissions--I had this happend to me one time through a different company-I complained and the girl was fired. Lastly, your bank should allow you to file a complaint and your money could be credited back to you immediately/temporary.

As far as debit cards not linked to a checking account, each institution is different--and you may not like their quick resolution, but they will assist you the best they can.Also, print the complaint pages from here to prove your case to your bank.


they cancel fradulent payments no questions asked.


I had the same problems as many have already mentioned.Getting items I did not order.

Double shipped and charged. No response to any of my emails. Never can get through on the phone.

Was able to dispute part of the charges with my credit card.My advise is to stay clear of these crooks.


If gyro bowl takes your money, call NWC3.This is the White Collar Crime Unit.

They can help. Also contact your state Attorney Generals Office. The only way to stop scams is to report them before some other person gets robbed!

It may take a short period of time to get your money back.However, that is better than waiting on these scammers who are never going to give it back.


I have a friend who bought the Gyro Bowl.The took money out of her account three different times.

They robbed her. I advised her to call the Attorney Generals office and The White Collar Crime Unit in Fairmont WV. They helped. The state police have already contacted her.

This matter is being investigated.

I hope they close these people down and lock them away in prison for a long time.BEWARE ITS A SCAM!!!!!!!!!


don't be ***.NEVER order from TV.

Wait to you sober up then order on AMAZON. Only by from "Fulfilled By AMAZON" and you will never be disappointed. Amazon customer service is bullet proof. The prices are same if not better.

Put down the bong and finish off your mojito.and DON"T ORDER FROM TV!!!


"Happy", it's quite obvious that you are either working for this evil and manipulative company, or are just lying for pure pleasure.Either way, I don't believe you...I TOO GOT SCAMMED.

I've already called my local news station and they are ON IT!I hope these people are ready to get what they have coming.


I just called the 215.361.5100 and got Harriet Carter.I told them that I wanted to cancel my Gyrobowl order and I was tranferred to a Supervisor.

My order has been cancelled and it took less than 3 minutes after spending DAYS trying to get ahold of them through the 800 number and email.We will see how long it takes to actually get my $$ back though.

Solon, Iowa, United States #250011

Thanks Ellen.I will keep that in mind.

The good part in this whole ordeal is that Harriet Carter already refunded my card. The refund showed up and cleared on my account exactly 2 days after. Gyro Bowl is sold by Pacific Direct(?) which seems to be a sub company of Harriet Carter. Harriet Carter, from what I've heard and read, seems to be a reputable company.

And if they're as reputable as they seem, I see them making some changes with how Pacific Direct handles "customer service".

I have not received the bowls, but as soon as I do, I will slap on the prepaid labels and send them right back, with an added delivery confirmation.Thanks again.


Despise Crooks, one thing I learned when sending something back to a company make sure you pay to get a confirmation that they got it.My son ordered this teeth whitening stuff and they too were very misleading in price so I shipped it back after they sent me a return # to put on the package.

Well, I didn't pay for a confirmation and wouldn't you know when he wasn't getting credited for his payment we called over and over and they claimed they never received the stuff back so my son lost $80. He filed a claim to his charge card company but since there was no proof of the itemed being returned he was denied his claim. We filed with the BBB on that company too but don't know what happened with it. Another company that you never order from is Flatware Outlet!!!

It took me months to finally get my flatware and only after I reported them to BBB. You would think with this Gyro bowl being on an ad on tv it would be a honest company.

Now I'm worried because they have my credit info too.I should of told the lady to erase that with my order.

Solon, Iowa, United States #249606

Also, I call BS on what was posted by Happy.There are just way to many complaints very similar to mine to validate this company as a reputable one.

Their website and ordering process is very deceitful. This company is playing their cards against people who will just lay down and let them take their money. Not the best way to gain favor from customers.

The bad part is, for everyone of us who've complained and put up a fight to get our money back, there are probably ten others who feel helpless or simply give up allowing this company to get away with many peoples hard earned money with their, in my opinion, bad business practices.Again, I will not do business with them ever again and they're giving a bad name to other companies who are trying to legitimately conduct business through infomercials or TV shopping channels.

Solon, Iowa, United States #249603

Good news so far.The person from Harriet Carter Services refunded my money.

The refund posted as a pending transaction today. So now, I am happy. Even though, the experiences I'v had prior to reaching Harriet Carter were completely unacceptable.

They did make it right, but the amount of leg work required to figure out how to get a hold an acutal person was too much.I will not be doing business with them in the future.

Solon, Iowa, United States #248740

The Harriet Carter Services number posted by Chris on Jan 25th seemed to have worked.The receptionist initially transferred me to customer service which gave me the same "unfortunately we're unable to handle your call..." msg.

I called back, told her this and she immediately put me on with a supervisor. The super was extremely helpful and since she showed my order already shipped, she is sending me prepaid shipping labels to send the product back along with a refund that should post to my account within 24 to 48 hrs.

It all sounded great but I'll know for sure if she was legit if/when my refund comes in.I'll repost in a few days.

Solon, Iowa, United States #248713

Pretty much the same story product, got charged twice ($24.98 and $54.95).Of course no contact with customer service is possible and no response to emails.

My bank will run a charge-back but will cost me $17 per item and there's no guarantee of getting the money back. No new info to provide...same story as everyone else.

Guess we all just take it in the ***.I'm trying alternate ways to get a hold of someone but am pretty pessimistic about it.


I wish I would of read these complaints before I ordered.I am having the same problems with their customer service.

One minute after placing the order I tried to get a hold of them without any success. Same recorded message all day!! Their order forms are very misleading and what happened to confirm order before placing the order?? I never would of confirmed my order without changing it first.

I got through to the 215 number and just cancelled my order. She said they are on back order so she did cancel my order. Hopefully my card won't get charged and I will have to fight to get my money back!!!

I am going to turn Plymouth Direct into the BBB.Everyone else needs to do that too.


i was charge $105 for one and one free, try to fix or cancel and the customer phone number never work, after said that is busy just hang up on you, i try the 215 361 5100 not sure yet , they said they dont find my order and after told me that my order is in back order out of stock, so i cancel they give me a confirmation number, i really hope this nightmare end soon, have to wait three days for them to refund my money,cross finger


I am so disappointed in this company...they had a nice product that I would have probably been happy with until the SAME thing happened to ME...

unauthorized debits on my card... CANNOT get through to customer service... still havent seen ANY gyro bowls...

these people are no better than criminals.DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM THEIR WEBSITE!!!!

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #246120

I have been having the exact same problem. they have my money and no bowls come and same recording and no response form emails.


How long did yours take to get to you? I ordered mine on January 4th and am getting worried it was a scam or something! I also got way over charged I ended up paying $54.95 because I accidently clicked a wrong button and it didn't have a confirmation page to add or remove items before charging me!


Call this number 1-215-361-5100 (Harriet Carter Services) and ask for Customer Service to cancel your order. This number worked for me as I was scammed for 4 bowls instead of one.


I was charged 4 times as much.They dont have a customer service.

I am having to have my bank deal with them.Dont order!!!


I ordered on December 26 and still have not gotten my order! Ive called and called and called and get the same message over and over before I am disconnected! I have emailed both Gyro Bowl and Plymouth Direct and am waiting!

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